Is a Bear Season in LA’s future?


Picture from unknown source

I’ve posted pictures of bears eating fawns and some have claimed that the fawns must be road kill. Hard to make that argument in this picture! With the delisting of the Louisiana black bear recently behind us, what do you think it will take to get a season developed on these curious and beautiful creatures? Black bear numbers are notably on the rise, especially in the Mississippi River corridor. They have no natural predators and are “opportunistic” omnivors much like the feral hog. But how high will bear density have to get and how much of an impact will they make on whitetail fawn mortality before we are allowed to control their numbers? We don’t hate black bears and we definitly don’t have issues with them being here. After all, they are a native species that was here long before we were. I credit the effort the state, and LADWF has put forth to see this nearly extinct subspecies of bear come back strong. As a bow hunter, and a deer manager, I just want a chance to hunt them once they reach a sustainable population. All questions and answers to which only Baton Rouge and Wildlife and Fisheries can provide insight and clarity to. Weigh in with your comments below.

black bear

Black Bear at Tensas NWR. Photo by Justin Lanclos