Potential #3 LA Archery buck taken illegally in Avoyelles Parish

IMG_2814First lets be clear. I will not be mentioning the hunter’s name, the lease name, or anyone else involved. I’m here to show you a magnificent specimen of the Louisiana deer herd.

I will not make someone famous for the wrong reasons, or smear anyone over anything. This is not that kind of website. This buck, nicknamed Chuck Norris for his numerous battle scars and seeming invincibility, was killed by a guest on private land Saturday in Avoyelles Parish. The members of the lease and neighboring lease had multiple pictures of old Chuck dating back a few years.

When word of him being killed got around a Wildlife Agent in a  neighboring lease wanted to see him in person. Long story short, the gentleman had no hunting license or tags and apparently wasn’t able to attain one for reasons unknown.

What was he doing in a stand in the first place? You got me. The wildlife Agent scored the buck at 170+ and with all the additional inches of “junk” he topped 200″.

Just a shame that a deer like that will never gain his earned place in the books. IMG_2815

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  1. Bill
    Bill says:

    Can we see the score sheet, this buck only has 50″ of horn on the small side. Cool looking buck, but no where near the 170″

    • Jim Micky
      Jim Micky says:

      Deer weighed 275 lbs. Maybe on a 180 pound small hills deer, but this was a heavy ag deer. You wouldn’t think that in person trust me. Don’t let angles and nothing to judge size next to trick you.

  2. Just me!!!
    Just me!!! says:

    So I’m wondering if the person that killed this deer got arrested ?? Being he/she didn’t have a license or tags!! Or was it someone that has some stroke in this parish ?? Cause we all know some can kill black bears and get fined 100$ and some get away with murder!!! Can’t wait to get the hard times paper this week !!

  3. No name
    No name says:

    I can tell u now that he didn’t get arrested. I killed a 170″ deer on my place last year after it was wounded by another hunter that didn’t think he even hit the deer. O, did I mention that he was a convicted felon and was poaching on private land and had no license and no tags and they took my deer and so called destroyed it and did nothing to the other guy but write a ticket for no tags. Yep, true story. After I shot Tha deer he showed up and claimed that it was his deer.


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