Mystery Swamp Creature in Livingston

IMG_5389 There is a growing list of residents in South LA who would swear they have seen a black panther, whether in person on on a trail camera. In this case LABH Contributor Barret Fritscher isn’t sure what he caught on camera this week in Livingston Parish along the Maurepas Swamp.

“It’s the only picture I have of it.” He text earlier today asking for my opinion on the picture.





After some adjustments to brightness and a quick zoom I’d say its pretty safe to rule out a bear or pig based on the easy to see long tail. Another feature that sticks out is the rearward knee of the hind leg, much like is featured on a canine or feline. My best guess would be this is a black phased coyote, or dog. Black coyotes are not extremely common in Louisiana, but not 1 in a million either.  What do you think it is?

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  1. Jim
    Jim says:

    Tail doesnt look bushy enough to be coyote. Im gonna say a dog.

    I have seen two solid black coyotes paired together in Natchitoches parish though

  2. Scott Haymen
    Scott Haymen says:

    Id say a feral dog or Black coyote, definitely not a black panther. I used to live in Florida and I have seen a couple black Panthers on trail cams and they look nothing like that.

  3. John Henry Trant
    John Henry Trant says:

    I swear I saw a black panther driving the old US HWY 51 about 2 weeks ago. It was on the side of the road dragging some prey animal towards the woods. As I got pretty close, it dropped its meal and leaped into the bushes. Definitely a feline leap, not a dog or hog.

    I’ve seen a number of mountain lions out west, and this creature looked and acted the same.

  4. Travis M. Bourgeois
    Travis M. Bourgeois says:

    I’ve seen something like this twice in a 3 week period. Near Laurel Valley Plantation in Thibodaux. Both times it ran across the road just outside my headlights. It looked like a black wolf. Def bigger than a coyote.


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