LDWF Reminder to Not Disturb Fawns

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Though they may appear to be vulnerable and in need of assistance, unattended white-tailed deer fawns encountered in the wild should not be disturbed, according to Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries’ (LDWF) biologists. LDWF is reminding the public the best practice is to leave them alone and to remember it is against the law to capture young deer or any other wild animal.

Newborn fawns rely on their spotted coats and concealment during the first few weeks of life. Does will forage nearby and return periodically to nurse the young fawn. The lack of flight and hiding strategy phase of a newborn fawn often creates the illusion of abandonment. However, as fawns grow and develop, they will begin to forage for food alongside the mother.

Every year LDWF receives calls from concerned citizens who have found what they consider to be an abandoned deer fawn. If caught transporting or possessing wild deer or other wild animals without a permit, individuals may be subject to citations and fines.

Quiet departure from the area is recommended if a fawn is encountered. This action will provide the young deer the best chance to survive in the wild and prevent a possible citation.

Louisiana’s deer herd has a wide range of breeding dates depending on the location within the state. Fawning typically occurs from April thru August, occurring earliest in southwest Louisiana followed by north central and northwest Louisiana. The latest fawning occurs along the Mississippi River parishes and parts of southeast Louisiana.

For more information, contact LDWF Deer Program Manager Johnathan Bordelon at 225-765-2344 or jbordelon@wlf.la.gov.

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