Jackson-Bienville WMA to close July 1

In a report released today the state confirmed what we all knew, but prayed was not coming. 25,000 acre Jackson-Bienville WMA will close for good effective July 1, 2016. The press release is as follows:


“LDWF appreciates the longstanding partnership with Weyerhaeuser Company in providing access to this property,” said Charlie Melancon, LDWF Secretary. “Jackson-Bienville WMA has been a popular destination for recreational hunting enthusiasts in Louisiana since 1961.”

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A Prime Jackson-Bienville Buck Photo Origin: Louisianasportsman.com

Weyerhaeuser made the property available for public leasing in April 2016.  Unfortunately, LDWF and Weyerhaeuser could not come to terms in an agreement to continue leasing the property.


LDWF’s WMA system includes nearly 860,000 acres of department owned property in addition to over 450,000 acres of free-lease WMAs. LDWF relies on many large landowners throughout the state to partner with the agency to provide outdoor recreation opportunities through free leases.


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LDWF would like to recognize and thank its other partners in conservation that provide land for public use. Without the generosity and assistance of Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Biloxi Marsh Land Corporation, Louisiana National Guard, Hancock Timber, LaSalle Parish School Board, U.S. Army, U.S. Forest Service, Tangipahoa Parish School Board, Louisiana State Lands Office, Ouachita Parish School Board, Red Oak Timber Company, Calcasieu Parish School Board, New Orleans City Park Improvement Association, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Caddo Levee District, Red River Waterway Commission, Thistlethwaite Heirs, Roy O. Martin, and Forest Investment, LDWF would not be able to provide the properties owned by these partners as WMA lands for outdoor recreational opportunity.


LDWF’s Land Acquisition program continues to add property to the WMA system on an annual basis. The WMA Master Plan identified the need for this activity to continue as a means for the LDWF to address continuing threats to wildlife and fisheries resources across the state, as well as to conserve important landscapes associated with the flora and fauna of our tremendously diverse state. Acquisition of tracts also ensures long term availability of the resources for the benefit of society and the multitude of users of these lands, especially the sportsmen of Louisiana.


For more information, contact Kenny Ribbeck at 225-765-2942 or [email protected].

7 replies
    • Scott Knox
      Scott Knox says:

      Take away from the tax payers and give it away to a bunch of leaches!!!
      Yep, sounds like a Democrap to me! Thanks a lot Governor A** Bag!

  1. keith roach
    keith roach says:

    We all knew it was coming this time around basically it’s a bunch of rich mother******* that won’t all the land for themselves and f*** the youth and older folks well they got so f*** these sorry motherf****** we will find other areas l

  2. Wayne
    Wayne says:

    Well these timber companies are for the mighty dollar. The ldwf spends the time and money to build the deer heard up, managing the deer then when they see alot of people hunting it they pull if from them and put a big price tag on the land. If the people would stick together and not give them the big dollars for this land it wouldn’t of happen. I wish we could of held on one more year with a full 3 month season to leave them with just the land without the deer.

  3. Scott Hall
    Scott Hall says:

    I think LDWF and all involved are worthless!! I’m outraged at the fact my/our tax money is so poorly managed!! I don’t rent a home (I own it) for the simple reason it would never be mine and I’d be wasting my hard earned money! If you can’t be business minded enough to buy land (rather than lease) for our taxpayers to enjoy WHY DO I PURCHASE HUNTING/FISHING LICENSE?? Thanks again for also proving your long term goal of managing wildlife IS NOT YOUR GOAL!!!

  4. Disgusted
    Disgusted says:

    Since Weyerhaeuser has taken over from Willamette they have slowly implemented their selfish, big business policies. The local people or the environment is not their priority. At one of the meetings when we were trying to “discuss” with them about the dog hunting issues, we had a top executive tell us very candidly that; “We (Weyerhaeuser) is all about the money. Everything we do is for the betterment of the companies bottom line.” I will not support Weyerhaeuser in any way. From buying their wood products to leasing their land. Our government officials need to take away the tax incentives they have given Weyerhaeuser to operate in our state. For example: They pay no road tax in Jackson Parish. Tell your local officials!!!!!

  5. Michael T.
    Michael T. says:

    It’s not LDWF’s fault at all. They were actually working hard to keep this land for the public to use. “Disgusted” is right. Weyerhaeuser’s greediness brought this agreement with LDWF to an end when W saw that they could cash in on years of work that was done to make this a prime hunting and recreation area. LDWF bent over backwards trying to make this deal work but Weyerhaeuser would not bend. They wanted the cash benefits of someone else’s hard work. Corporate greed is the real story behind this.


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