Whitetail Game Law Violation Fines Increase Petition

Please sign this petition by commenting below with your name and parish of residence and also any comments you may have. Once we reach 25,000 names I will present it to the head of enforcement at LADWF and also our state legislature.


We the concerned citizens of Louisiana petition to have whitetail deer related game law violation fines increased with automatic additional hunting privilege suspension for 1 year upon conviction of first offense, and increasing there after up to a statewide, lifetime ban on all hunting and fishing activities. Each game law broken pertaining to intentionally poaching whitetail deer will also carry a minimum restitution of $3,000 per each deer illegally taken in addition to other fines. We value our natural resources and wish to take matters into our own hands to protect them.


*These increases are specifically designed for the obvious poaching crimes. ie. night hunting, spotlight use, no possession of tags or license, trespassing, killing over your yearly limit. We are aware honest mistakes are made. We would expect fair judgement to be made per each individual case. Especially those made by hunters within legal hours, who possess all the proper paperwork and  have no prior criminal record. We would also like to address the frequency by which game law violations are dropped and fines lowered in court.

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    • Keith McMills
      Keith McMills says:

      If everyone would abide by the rules and regulations and quite poching we would have more wildlife including white tail deer and our young children like my daughter she loves to deer hunt. For thanksgiving weekend me and my daughter was hunting in spring bayou I did not even bring a gun it was just my daughter hunting and I was filming the hunt and when it was shooting hour’s there were 3 guy’s that came up on me and my daughter and I told them to have a little respect and move futher away from us and the guy’s told me if they wanted to they could hunt the same tree we were on because it was wildlife and fisher so they sat on a log maby 20 yards from my 14 year old daughter and my self. About 9am in the morning I seen 2 does walking twards us and my daughter was getting ready to shoot 1of the does and the 3 guy’s sitting on the log right by us they started shooting at the does and thank God we were up in the deer stand 15 foot up if we would been sitting on the ground we would be dead today because the tree we were sitting in was hit 7 times people like that needs to be put in jail and throw away the key. And the 2 deer did not get hit because I went look for a blood trail the 3 guy’s did not even go look for the deer all they said was for me and my daughter to go fuck ourselves. I think if I had a gun I would of shot them when they started shooting at the 2 deer I can bring any one to the tree that we were in because there is 7 bullet penetrations in the same tree that we had our stands on. Now I can’t get my daughter to go back into the woods to hunt anymore. AND THE 3 GUY’S 2 OFF THE MEN DID NOT HAVE A HUNTERS ORANGE ONE.THE IS ALL HAPPENED ACROSS FROM THE GAME WARDEN HEAD QUARTERS IN SPRING BAYOU WILDLIFE AND FISHER OFFICE.

      • Chris Walker
        Chris Walker says:

        Wow!! That is pathetic! Somebody would have got their ass whipped in the woods!! I have had similar situations happen to me in the marsh duck hunting. I had my 7 year old son with me. We had all of our decoys out already and were putting the Robo duck up when another boat with 2 guys pulled up and started throwing their decoys out less than 100 yards from us. Prolly closer to 75 yards. I asked them what that were doing. They replied saying they were setting up to hunt. I said y’all can’t be serious!!?? They said that they had been hunting that area for two years. I said that doesn’t make a shitting bit of difference that I had been hunting that spot for the last 17 years!! I told my son that is a perfect example of how not to act when he gets older. I told the idiots I can’t believe y’all are doing this!! Even,if you don’t respect your fellow hunter why in the hell would you want to less up your own hunt hunting that close to someone else!!!???? Needles to say my son and I knifed out with 12 ducks by 8:00 that morning and they killed two!!! People like this didn’t grow up hunting and were never taught any kind of respect. Obviously they didn’t have a good father figure in their life to teach them how to hunt and how to respect other hunters. I feel your pain man.

  1. Craig G Kimble
    Craig G Kimble says:

    Make the fines and penalties stick, you can raise fines and penalties all you want until the fines and penalties stick and the judges stop with the favors this isn’t going to stop anything.

  2. Clayton Lewis
    Clayton Lewis says:

    Clayton Lewis
    Natchitoches Parish
    Up the fines to $10,000 per animal illegally harvested, PERIOD! Quit making it a slap on the hand, and when you catch a specific person in Natchitoches parish that has been caught multiple times, throw them in jail for a few years plus the $10,000 fine!!!

  3. Patrick dennis
    Patrick dennis says:

    Patrick Dennis
    Cameron Parish

    Would love to see the limit dropped to 1 Buck and 2 does for southwest Louisiana for 2 years!!!!

  4. James Smith
    James Smith says:

    Yea raise the fines! Let’s also make a 6pt or better rule up the doe killed and only two bucks per season. The tagging system is a joke most people in Jackson parish hardly tag and register there deer. Bigger fines for those caught. I agree!

  5. Chris Rollins
    Chris Rollins says:

    The state also needs to add some antler restrictions like a 12″ main beam or inside spread. Need to also do away with doe tags for a couple seasons.

  6. Joshua Hebert
    Joshua Hebert says:

    I feel some of these fines are steep. Here is my story. Hunting by myself I shoot a doe get out my stand to go find her. Walking to find her threw the thicket I see my deer walking away about in front of me. I burped at her she turned and looked at me. I finished her off with a shot into her chest with her looking at me. Excited from being the 2nd deer I harvested in my life I ran up and looked to see the shoulder shot I hit her with the first time. Well guess what. Totally different deer. Game wardens come I tell the truth and get my ass burned. Deer restitution now is at 1700 bucks. I think the fines are steep enough especially for accidents.

    • Patrick Lavergne
      Patrick Lavergne says:

      Raise the fine to $3000 but give a reward if someone turns in the guilty party and IS convicted. You will now have more eyes looking for the bad guys.

  7. Tommy Wood
    Tommy Wood says:

    Definitely need more game wardens in Louisiana. If I’ve been hunting & hunting a lot might I add & only been checked one time by a game warden in 25 years, then there is one of the biggest problems. I’ve gone years & never see one out & about on the road & I hunt 3 different parishes. The true law abiding passionate deer hunters need help! Thank you.

  8. Damon Hebert
    Damon Hebert says:

    Making the seadon shorter hurts people who work rotation schedules and would not help grow bigger deer or help the main reason for this petition! Outlaws will be outlaws no matter how strict the laws are. They just need to be caught and punished hard when caught have to criple them bad so they cant rebound from it.

  9. Robert Egger
    Robert Egger says:

    Caddo Parish
    As an avid hunter I agree with this proposal. Those low life criminals should not have the privilege to hunt

  10. Chris Walker
    Chris Walker says:

    I think the fines for tresspassing and poachi,g on other people’s property should be REAL STIFF!!!! I would love to see the fine for tresspassing $5,000 and loss of hunting rights and drivers license for one year!! This is a huge problem state wide!! People continue to do it bc there is hardly no consequences!! Even if you catch them red handed they just get a warning!!!

  11. Penney Kevin
    Penney Kevin says:

    I also would like to see the state go to four points or better for a couple years, then to six point or better, and hopefully after a few years of the six points or better people would see the benefits and want to go to eight points or better. We have very few mature bucks in Louisiana, there’s no telling what class of bucks we would start seeing and killing.

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