Nachitoches Giant Product of QDM Property.

russ 2-Justin Lanclos

Russ Guilliams, of Nachitoches, started his opening morning the same way he had every other year, with a sense of accomplishment after a long summer of checking cameras, surveying bucks on the property, and hanging sets to make sure every detail was just right. Managing a piece of property to maintain a healthy herd takes time and dedication. “I had never seen this buck before. I have pictures of a bunch of other good ones, but he was a surprise.” In his stand well before daylight on opening day he knew he’d have some action when 2 bucks came in just before shooting light; presumably the big 10 and a smaller one.  “They got spooked by something, but came back maybe 20 minutes after daylight.” To have this kind of opportunity 20 minutes into a hunt, on opening day is crazy, if you’re relying on luck. But when you manage your herd like the Guilliam’s do, luck turns into opportunity, and opportunity into a healthy herd with plenty of heavy does and old bucks. “My 3 blade Rage, and Mathews No-Cam did the trick. Come to find out,  Dad had pics of this buck the whole time but never showed them to me,” he laughed. “We do a lot on our property and have been practicing QDM for 22 years. The bucks must be 8 points or better, and we all try to limit out on does every year. 135-140 is the assumed preliminary score of the buck. He is headed to the taxiderminst this weekend for a final count of bone inches. “Our property has produced multiple 140’s, and my russ 1dad killed several in the 160’s and 170’s.” I’ll leave it up to you to decide but the biggest bucks killed in Louisiana this year have not been accidents. They have been allowed to grow old. When asked what else Russ would like to say he quoted, “PS- Thanks for all the hard work Dad.”

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Atchafalaya Yields a Monster in Velvet


By-Justin Lanclos


Trip after trip to his lease in thbarret bucke basin had come and gone. Checking cameras, putting out rice brand and corn was drawing quite the crowd. Hundreds of pictures of coons and does and a small buck or two was all Barret Fritscher was seeing. Working offshore he had to be precise with his timing going in and out of the woods. Finally he started to get some night pictures of the big velvet buck, but wisely stayed out until he got some daylight hour pictures. Being very careful not to leave too much scent in the woods where the monster roamed, he entered and exited his spot via the river. A tactic he gives credit to his success. After a week offshore he came back to check the camera Monday morning. To his surprise, the buck had been there the previous evening. He immediately left the area. Went home to shower, change, and build his plan of attack. He contemplated putting out more bait but decided against it. Knowing this was the dominant buck in the area, and abarret buck 2 mature one he didn’t want to change anything to tip it off. After packing his lock on and Bowtech RPM 360 to his tree of choice he set up and waited. Does started trickling in. Racoons began to fight over the left over bait pile. Then the 6 point he had seen the brute with in pictures came down the trail at 9 yards. His heart began to pound. Barret decided he was giong all in. “God if you let me kill this deer I’ll start going to church and turn my life around,” he told me he pleaded. A few moments later there he was. The big velvet buck that before yesterday at 6:45pm had only been seen in his dreams. “My heart was beating so hard. I could see my hands shaking and I could hear my heart in my ears.” Needless to say, the 9 yard shot proved to be on target as he sent his Rage Chisel Tips through both sides of the buck. “I guess I’m going to church now Sunday,” he chuckled. I guess you are Barret.