Video Mode Credited for Killing LA Giant

Video Mode Credited for Killing LA Giant

Dr. Frank Sullivan has been a Dentist in St Francisville for 20+years. Some of the techniques and lessons he has learned and practiced with your teeth help him have success in the deer woods too. Patience, delicacy, and not making mistakes are keys to success in both worlds. Let me tell you what he means by that.

Frank has known about this buck for over a year. He was a big main frame 10 last fall with long blades for G 2's as he described. "I saw him a few times last year. He got hit by a car right before the rut and we thought he had died. We looked and looked after that but had no luck finding him. A few weeks later I caught a glimpse of him and was relieved he had survived. That's when I began studying him. "

"From the buck's injury his rack grew at least 80 inches over the summer", said Sullivan. "He absolutely blew up." Dr. Sullivan located the buck again about 5 weeks ago. He told himself then, that if he didn't get this deer due to something he did wrong that it would be completely unacceptable. So he began doing what he does best, being patient, careful to not make a mistake, and delicate in his plan. "My Browning trail cameras are 100% the reason I killed this deer. I began running them all in video mode to be able to study the movement and behavior of this buck. Not only him, but especially the bucks around him. I learned countless characteristics and tendencies about him and the bucks with him that you just can't get with pictures. Sure, it runs your battery down a little faster and fills up the cards faster but it's worth it. Video is why I knew these deer so well. Period."

After a few uneventful sits earlier in the week a card pull on Wednesday changed his mind about waiting any longer to hunt him. Frank got set up Thursday evening, October 5th, and his first action came when he saw a few coyotes. "We've got a serious coyote problem," he regretfully expressed. "Around 5:50 pm a few small bucks came into view. Then my buck caught my eye. It was the first time I had seen him this year without velvet. It was a pretty special sight. He grazed into 20 yards and I came to full draw. At that moment something spooked them. He ran back to the edge of the woods with the others. After a few uneasy minutes that felt like forever another mature buck came out and caused the rest of the deer to relax. My buck walked into 24 yards and turned broadside as if he was following a written script perfectly. It was a textbook situation and shot. A well placed arrow put him down less than 30 yards from where I hit him."


Frank's Equipment List

Hoyt Carbon Element, Carbon Express Maxima, Montec Fixed Blade, Millennium Stand




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