RECAP: Scores & Earnings from LABH 3D Challenge

RECAP: Scores & Earnings from LABH 3D Challenge

It was a picture perfect day to be in the woods of Central Louisiana, participating in the 1st Annual LABH 3D Challenge. Sponsored by Hardcore Custom Bowstrings. Thanks to CENLA Bowbenders for providing the beautiful property, our sponsors, vendors, spectators, volunteers and especially the shooters. We had over 150 shooters from 3 different states travel to Pollock for the inaugural event. Men and women, boys and girls competed in the ultimate 3D competition Louisiana Bowhunters have been begging for. Over $2,000 cash was awarded, plus a bow, cooler, and tons of other items were given away to over a dozen participants.

Our first novelty shoot was the Iron Buck Challenge. Shooters shot at a 1/4" aluminum silhouette of a buck with soft target vitals. Starting at 20 yards moving back in specific, known increments until only 1 shooter remained. Hitting the metal destroyed dozens of arrows and the errant shots were immediately confirmed with a "Gong" and explosion of carbon as they struck the metal buck.  Michael Cash was the last man standing with the Iron Buck reaching 70 yards! He took home $185.

Our second novelty shoot was the unknown range Long Shot. A brown bear stood 99 yards away and downhill. This shot had a long line of determined shooters all day. Jerod Perkins took home 50% of the pot at $183 and a PSE Infinity bow package donated by Man Cave Archery. The other 50% is being donated to the Archery in Louisiana Schools Program. 

Our main range had a mixture of sitting brush-blind shots, sitting and standing lock-on stand shots, some reverse and side angled shots from stands, a running bobcat shot and some pretty steep decline shots. We tried to give hunters a genuine "hunting" feel to the shoot with situations you would encounter during deer season. (We never recommend shooting running animals. That target was just for fun) 4 classes competed and their scores are as follows:


  1. Anthony Denton   160

  2. James Nunn          155

  3. Daniel Binkly         148

General Hunter


  1. David Constance   208

  2. Stephen Severn     202

  3. Toni Romero          189

Open                                              Shootdown               Total

  1. Larry Edwards         220                52                          272

  2. Zach Hester            218                51                          269

  3. Jeremiah Oalmann 214                50                          264

Bowhunter                                  Shootdown                 Total

     1. Buddy Freeman    220                38                            258

     2. Logan Sobiesk      202                52                            254

     3. Justin Rushing      210                38                            248


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