Grant Parish Yields Giant Public Land 8 Point

Grant Parish Yields Giant Public Land 8 Point

19 year old Bobby Albert, of Colfax, had a hunch about the spot that he picked. He scouted the nearby section of the public land about a month before the season and found large cedar trees that had been "absolutely shredded" from last year up and down an old fire break. After locating the massive rub-line he began to make his plan of attack surveying the landscape for the perfect place for his climber.

"I knew it had to be a big buck making those rubs. They were huge. I just didn't know he was gonna be this big," said Albert. "I set up next to a steep bluff that forced the deer around into a natural pinch point before they would hopefully make their way down the old fire break and in front of multiple places that would allow me to shoot. I hunted opening morning without seeing anything and walked out early to head to church. I jumped a deer walking out that morning. I hunted the same tree again Monday evening and saw 3 bucks. One of them was a nice 8 point but I couldn't ever get a shot. I hunted that spot 6 times, out of the same tree, before seeing this buck. "

"It was so hot yesterday I knew the wind had to be right for me to even have a chance at seeing anything. I was soaked in sweat. It wasn't until right before dark that I could hear something walking. It was a very cautious and careful walk. I would hear 2 or 3 steps and then stop. Then another few steps and a long pause again. It felt like it took forever before I was going to get a glimpse of him and light was fading fast. I finally saw him just before he stepped into an opening that gave me a clear 30 yard shot. Shooting time was almost over, " he said anxiously as he recalled the event.  Bobby drew his bow and upon his own admittance made a perfect shot with a complete pass through watching the arrow stick in the ground just beyond the now fatally wounded buck.


"I immediately called my good buddy Hunter who was hunting nearby to get some help tracking. We didn't have to look hard. I was sure I heard the deer crash shortly after the shot. The deer didn't end up going 50 yards from where I shot him. I gotta give all the glory to God for letting me shoot such a big buck like this one."

The Albert buck was unofficially scored at 143 2/8" with 13 1/4" G2's and a 19" inside spread.


Bobby's Equipment

Bow: Bowtech Assassin,

Arrow: Gold Tip Pro Hunter

Broadhead: Grim Reaper

Stand: Game Winner Climber


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