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hog with fawn Image from unknown source

As I'm sure you've seen by now did a story on a picture we posted to our Facebook page a while back that seemingly went viral. At that time the picture topped out at over 500,000 views. I was sent this picture from an unknown source. I am not the original photographer. That being said let's address a few questions. The actual hogs in the picture may or may not be the common feral hog found in Lousiana and other parts of the south. I am not claiming that it is 100%. What I am desiring to come to the forefront of conversation is that we, the United States, have a serious hog problem. They spread disease, documented fact; they eat fawns and other small animals, documented fact; they destroy farmland and crops, documented fact; and they are putting unwanted pressure on our whitetail population; another documented fact.


You can join conservation groups such as QDMA (Quality Deer Management Association) that help combat the feral hog infestation. You can kill EVERY SINGLE HOG YOU SEE. But maybe most importantly you can contact your local wildlife and fisheries agency and ask what they are doing to slow the growth of the hog population in your area and how you can persoanally get involved in the fight. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has put out numerous resourcesĀ on how you can help with the issue. Click here to learn more.
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