Battle of the Barbers: A Husband & Wife Big Buck Challenge

Battle of the Barbers: A Husband & Wife Big Buck Challenge

"I have been hunting this particular NWR for four years and have been on this buck, or at least a good one in this area, for 3 of those years," said Trey Barber of Deville, LA. He has been hunting the same general area in the popular public land spot overlooking a series of scrapes that have reappeared in identical locations year after year.

"I have seen this particular buck 3 different times. I would move to get closer to where I saw him on a previous hunt, and he'd change his route to where I was. It was a cat and mouse game and I was always one step behind him."

On Saturday morning, December 10th, Trey was in his stand just after daylight when the action started. He heard some noise on top of the ridge he was sitting below. It was a spike running down the hill, but the young buck wasn't alone.

"There he was. The big boy was coming down right behind the spike. They came in on a rope. As I grabbed my bow the spike noticed my movement and spooked. I froze. The shooter buck stared at me for what seemed like forever. As soon as he turned his head I was able to continue my draw and place my shot."

Barber's shot was purposefully a little forward since the deer was quartering to him and only 20 yards from the base of his tree. He watched in amazement as his first shot with a lighted nock met its mark. Barber was shooting a Bowtech Experience, with Easton Axis arrows tipped with a Rage Chisel Tip.

"This is my biggest buck, BY FAR, with a bow or gun. It's kinda funny because I was only hunting here because my wife already killed a nice 9 point on our lease, which tagged us out. I had to find a place where I could beat her!", Barber joked.

The Barber buck was officially green scored at 164 5/8" at Spotted Dog Sporting Goods in Columbia, LA.

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