LA Deer Season Starts with a Giant

LA Deer Season Starts with a Giant

Geoffrey Henry, of Start, LA, had quite an opening week of the 2018 Louisiana deer season. He has been hunting his private property in Richland Parish for a few years now. "We've seen a few 150's but nothing like this guy", he explained. Geoff also mentioned that his biggest deer before October 3, 2017 was a buck about 120".

"I started getting pictures of the buck about 3 months ago. I got a trail cam picture of him in the back of a field in early summer and I could tell he was a good one, just not how good. So, I started feeding heavy in that spot. Shortly after he started coming in to the feed and I got a real good look at him." Henry went on to say that he got numerous pictures of the buck over the next few weeks in daylight. "A smaller buck began hanging out with him and they began to run all the other bucks off. They were very aggressive", he said. A week or so before opening day he went completely nocturnal. Not 1 picture even close to daylight. But that didn't stop Geoffrey from hunting this giant. On the first 3 days of the season Geoff saw 25 deer. He let 25 deer walk waiting on the big one to be # 26!

Early Tuesday morning around 7:45 am Geoff pulled out his grunt call and rattling bag. "I made a few short, soft grunts, then rattled lightly. I waited a few minutes then I picked up the bag again. I had just touched them together for another sequence and some movement caught my eye. It was the little buck the big one had been hanging out with! I immediately got ready. The big one was in-tow about 50 yards behind. Both of them came running in looking ready to fight. They came to 20 yards but were always facing directly at me. They turned to walk away and stopped broadside at 35 yards. I shot him and watched him fall maybe 40 yards from the point of impact. I immediately called my wife to tell her I had got him!"

Geoff admitted he thought the deer was bigger based on the trail cam photos, but he knew even so that he had killed a trophy in any state, much less Louisiana. The Henry buck scored 192 1/8" at Simmon's Sporting Goods and scored again by Cecil Reddick, an official Buckmasters scorer, at 202 3/8".


Geoffrey's Equipment List

Mathews z7 Extreme

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter 250

Rage Trypan


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