145" Giant in Grant Parish Taken 10/27/15

145" Giant in Grant Parish Taken 10/27/15

ethanGetting off of work at midnight before a planned hunt the next day is pretty rough. But waking up at 6:40 the morning of the hunt is even worse.

Ethan Nugent of Grant Parish didn't let that stop him. After rushing to the woods, spraying down with ScentAway, and easing into his spot well after shooting light he could finally breathe.

"I've only hunted this spot twice before. I had to wait on a northwest wind." The wind wasn't enough to keep the mosquitoes off though. "I reached down to slap a mosquito and turn on my Thermacell and noticed some movement in the woods. I hadn't been in my stand 15 minutes," he said. He grabbed his range finder and ranged the hole he thought the deer would walk past. It was 35 yards.

"When the buck walked in front of the small opening he looked right at me. I froze. When he put his head back down is when I drew my bow." He drew his Hoyt Carbon Spyder back and let his Rage Hypodermic eat.

"He was quartering toward me hard. But I knew I hit him good. I heard him crash so I only waited a few minutes because it was drizzling and I didn't want to risk the blood washing away."

He followed the trail through the thicket to find his broken arrow and finally to the buck that in his own words, "Had no ground shrinkage."

"I killed a nice 8 point earlier this season but this is my biggest buck by far, " he stated. Ethan's buck was green scored at 145 6/8" by his uncle Dana.ethan 2
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