Trail Cams and the SE Wind Credited for Success in Area 2

Trail Cams and the SE Wind Credited for Success in Area 2

Adam Ponder of Quitman, LA has a history of knowing what to do and what not to do to score Bienville Parish bucks.

"This stand can only be hunted on a Southeast wind. If the winds not perfect I stay out."

Adam hunted the spot where the buck was taken last night on opening morning with his 9 year old daughter. In fact, he set up a 2 man ladder stand there to be able to bring his kids because of the frequent action seen on trail camera footage showing many does and some smaller bucks.

"This particular buck showed up a few days before the season opened. I've had over 50 daylight pictures of him since then. I knew I had to wait until the wind was just right."ponder-buck1

ponder-buck2"I got off around 3:30 pm. Ran home to shower and get my ScentLok and got settled into my stand around 4:45 pm. At exactly 6:00 pm,  a lone doe made her way into the food plot I was overlooking. Between that point and 6:45, 8 additional does joined her. The buck didn't come in until after 7. It was almost end of shooting time and I could barely see. If I had been in the woods instead of a field it would've been too dark. I waited for him to turn broadside and I drew my Halon. "

Ponder went on to describe the buck turning to face him at full draw. A shot no bow hunter should take.

"He turned back broadside and I let her rip."

Adam sent his Victory arrow with the Wac'Em 4 blade broadhead straight through the middle of the bucks torso.

"I knew I hit a little back. It was in the dead middle. But man that Wac'Em blew through him like butter!"

Ponder checked the arrow to confirm liver blood and immediately backed out. He returned 2 hours later with reinforcements to find the buck had only run 60 yards. Step Dad Dan Johnston, wife Karen, and good buddy Nick Harrison compiled the successful search party.ponder-buck4

Adam made multiple great decisions when bow hunting this wary Louisiana whitetail. He didn't over hunt his stand. He waited until the wind was right, and he backed out on a questionable hit. Congrats on a fine buck!


-Justin Lanclos LABH

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