Find New Hunting Land With onXmaps

Find New Hunting Land With onXmaps

Two years ago I was in a predicament. I was on a lease that was mostly pine plantation with a small acreage private parcel located directly in the middle of our 1000 acre pine forest. Through miles of scouting on foot, dozens of trail camera pictures, and what seemed like hours of squirrels barking in the distance at what I  convinced myself was certainly deer traffic was this untapped honey hole in the middle of our property. It was assuredly the main crossroads, the back door, the Taj Mahal, the lair of the grand daddy of all of my local deer herd. I had to find out who owned it.

I had always heard you could go to the courthouse and get records of land owners. Or maybe I should just ask around. But I didn't want to tip anyone off to my diamond in the rough. I walked the entire perimeter one steamy afternoon looking for a posted sign with a name, a number, anything to guide me in the right direction... nothing.xmap1

Then I saw someone talking about onXmaps on Facebook. I saw that they offered a layer that showed land owners. I thought to myself, "This is too easy." But I figured the $29.99 for a yearly subscription was worth the risk. Boy was I right. So I downloaded the app in the Google Play store for free and purchased the LA Premium Map that contained the landowner layer among a ton of others inlcuding WMA ATV trails, Public Land boundaries and more. I quickly located the acreage I was looking for and BAM; a name!xmap2

A little Facebook stalking led me to the man who I assumed was the owner and the rest is history. A few small talk conversations, exchanging of some trail cam photos, offering to keep an eye out for his property and offering to help him get his son a deer led to me being the only legal trespasser on this property he has ever allowed. Not to mention now we have become good friends.

Now I can't guarantee your story will have a happy ending like mine. I can, however, guarantee that trying the onXmaps app for your phone or card for your GPS will show you info you only dreamed you could have all in one place. The yearly subscription to the LA Premium Map give you public land boundaries, private land owners names, deer area boundaries and so much more valuable info when you're in the field and hunting or scouting near boundaries. Find in-holdings in NWR's or WMA's with ease and immediately know the owner's name. (Although I'm sure he's already got a sign POSTED with the answer to your question).

Bad cell phone service at your favorite hunting spot? No problem. Download, mark up, and save your apps at home and access them anywhere, no matter the cell coverage!


Sounds too good to be true? Try it out for FREE.  Simply download the free 7 day trial and give it a test run. If you love it, visit the LABH STORE and purchase the EXCLUSIVELY DISCOUNTED LA Premium Map. (The introductory price is available for a limited time and ONLY to LABH customers.)
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