151 1/8" Brute Killed In Grant Parish

151 1/8" Brute Killed In Grant Parish

Hunter Greer from Grant Parish arrowed a 151 ⅛ “ eight point on Wednesday, October 9, 2019.

Being a Grant Parish resident and a student of Grant High School, Greer decided to hunt close to home this year. He explained, “We have a half acre of woods where we live and I put a camera out, and he happened to be around.” He continued, “I put the camera out about two years ago, and I’ve hunted him for two years. He’s always been a typical eight point and just gotten bigger every year. He was probably in the upper 130s or low 140s.” Greer went on to say, “Last year he got up to one 145 and this year he broke150” 

The Hunt 

Greer explained the hunt, “I got in the stand about 5:10, after a short walk from the house. I had some does come out at 5:30–three of them. They started eating and not long after left. Shortly after they left I heard something coming back. I thought it was one of the does but I grabbed my compound just in case. When I looked back, after getting situated, there he was with his head sticking out. He walked out at about 5:45 and turned his hind quarter to me for 20 minutes. A little after 6:00 a six point walked out and he turned to run him out of the corn, and that’s when I shot him broadside.” 

With a full pass-through, the buck found his final resting place only forty to fifty yards away. Later, while cleaning the deer, Hunter found his broadhead had just cut the bottom of the deer’s heart. Hunter shoots a Bear Archery “Threat” compound bow with a seventy pound draw, gold tip arrows, and a G5 Havoc broadhead. When I asked about scent control Greer stated that he usually uses some type of scent spray along with various other accessories, but he has yet to buy any this year. He used a 20’ ladder stand he had never hunted until this hunt.

Greer expressed his excitement for bow hunting when he stated, “I just got into bow hunting last year, and I don’t think I’ll pick up a rifle ever again.” Greer’s story is one that will likely live on as the years go by. It is a story of excitement and fulfillment as a young Louisiana Bowhunter is born. As Greer is only seventeen years old, I look forward to hearing of other big deer in his future. With cold fronts moving in, temperatures dropping, and leaves falling, deer season in Louisiana is officially in full swing. 

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