‘Twas the Night Before Opening Day

‘Twas the Night Before Opening Day

‘Twas the night before opening day, when all through the woods

All the critters were stirring, and eatin’ real good.

The bows were placed in their cases with heed,

In hopes the good Lord would bring forth what my freezer so needs.

The hunters were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of vital shots danced in their heads.

And mama in her nighty, and I in deep sleep

Visualizing a shot as I peer through the peep.

As I sat in my stand, there arose a loud crunch

Coming from where I’d laid my Bayou Buck Munch.

When what to my wondering eyes should appear,

But the big guy I’ve been catching on cam this whole year.

With the skeeters full buzz, sweat beginning to drip

My safety harness is on, and snug on my hips.

I draw to full length and release one with ease

I hit where I meant, and this morning I’m pleased.

On area three, and ten and then eight!

Here’s wishing you success from LABH!

Hoping a morning grazer walks into your alley

Giving you time to watch the Tigers dominate in Death Valley!

Good luck to everyone! Watch out for that weather and GEAUX TIGERS!


  • Charlie Anable

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