Is a Bear Season in LA’s future?


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I’ve posted pictures of bears eating fawns and some have claimed that the fawns must be road kill. Hard to make that argument in this picture! With the delisting of the Louisiana black bear recently behind us, what do you think it will take to get a season developed on these curious and beautiful creatures? Black bear numbers are notably on the rise, especially in the Mississippi River corridor. They have no natural predators and are “opportunistic” omnivors much like the feral hog. But how high will bear density have to get and how much of an impact will they make on whitetail fawn mortality before we are allowed to control their numbers? We don’t hate black bears and we definitly don’t have issues with them being here. After all, they are a native species that was here long before we were. I credit the effort the state, and LADWF has put forth to see this nearly extinct subspecies of bear come back strong. As a bow hunter, and a deer manager, I just want a chance to hunt them once they reach a sustainable population. All questions and answers to which only Baton Rouge and Wildlife and Fisheries can provide insight and clarity to. Weigh in with your comments below.

black bear

Black Bear at Tensas NWR. Photo by Justin Lanclos

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  1. acorn
    acorn says:

    Personally AND ONLY my opinion,,, I don’t care for a Bear in my hunting area. I can’t eat it (( or don’t want to eat it) Tried it in VA, and not to my liking). To many deer feeders torn up and camps from bears. Over grown Raccoons with no apparent use for my liking….
    With the rant over, I do tip my hat to the state for protecting and bringing back an animal near extinction. I hope they put more options and energy into controlling the hogs.

    • Brandon
      Brandon says:

      I agree I think it’s just a dumb idea to reintroduce them the way LA fish and game did! They were killed off for a reason hopefully it will happen again. As for where i hunt the hogs took care of the bears so we haven’t seen any in about 3 years or so.

  2. William ard
    William ard says:

    The LDWF has closed the feral hog dog season on 3 of the state WMA’s in the Mississippi River Valley because the “hog dogs were possibly running the mothers bears away from their dens and resulting in low black bear numbers”….

  3. Richard Young
    Richard Young says:

    Great story for sure, one thing that these animals are accomplishing is that they are harming hunting. From this perspective, they do hunt, hunters would like to teach their children to hunt. With these predators in the woods, not at all scared of a human, they are presenting a threat. Hunters can not leave young children under a tree to learn to hunt, such as one does squirrel hunting etc. Or even sitting with parent in lean up deer hunting with a potential 500lb or bigger meat eater, at the base and having to walk out at dark. Several of my friend have discussed the effect on their children and grandchildren with these animals, even one putting his nose to the door of his ground blind. Scared the young msn bad. One hunter with me hunting on the ground had one face to face with him only a couple of feet between them as the bear and him both standing, his cell phone in his pocket went off from battery dying he said he thought his heart had exploded but stood still, finally a doe blowed near them and the bear took off toward her, then he said he ran to four wheeler. I have had bears eat four wheeler seat in the woods, tear up box stands, not to mention cameras etc, destroy front porch, destroy destroy destroy. Yes we need to have this animal at bay. Along with this being said, what are we doing. Do we want to preserve our hunting or simply phase it out.Why not bring economic value to the area, fill hotels up, promote hunting, bring money into the state. If we are presented with an option, we need to be able to get some of the females, they stay, the males roam. The females have 2 to 5 cubs per year. Tensas, Franklin, and other northern parishes have more than most realize. There was a season there before and problems didn’t exist. As far as trying to have deer, they are definitely a zero.

  4. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I love deer hunting, but we have so many bears on our land it is ridiculous!! I get up before daylight, sit in my stand for hours just hoping for a deer to walk out, but 90% of the time all I see is bears 😡 They ARE NOT at all afraid of humans ! My son and I were in a ground blind & decided to move to another stand, forgot something in the ground blind & went right back to retrieve it & there were fresh bear tracks all around the ground blind we had just been in 5 minutes before. They will follow & approach with no fear. Something needs to be done & quick !!!

  5. Bill William
    Bill William says:

    Yeh, get your bow and arrow out and start shooting those little guys before deer become extinct in the State of Louisiana. Next thing you know the bears will be eating cows and horses and chickens and, oh my god, citizens.
    Seriously, the bears aren’t hurting your deer or your little children. Now or ever. Get a life.

    • Richard Young
      Richard Young says:

      Have a life, paid my dues, tired of bears tearing my stuff up, just like any vandal need to be dealt with, let me bring them to you, let your family deal with them

  6. Monroe Parker
    Monroe Parker says:

    1st of all I agree with shutting down the season because they were being hunted to extinction. As a child I watched them disappear in southern la and I lived in northeast la and did not see any. Not saying they were not there but did not see them. Hopefully they will come back in force so we can have bear season for future generations. I am an avid hunter but I believe in responsible hunting and not sports hunting either. I hunt for food 1st and antlers 2nd. Same with bear. If u don’t eat it don’t hunt it. Do not hunt it because it will look cool on the wall. That way future generations will enjoy the hunt as well

  7. Hurley Henson
    Hurley Henson says:

    I think we need a season on them. Some areas have lots of bears and the deer are disappearing. Along with it’s the hogs, the bear are making the deer extinct.

  8. Ron Swanson
    Ron Swanson says:

    Louisiana black bears and white tailed deer have actually lived side-by-side for centuries before Europeans settled this area, there is nothing to suggest they cannot continue to do so. There is no scientific evidence that more bears = fewer deer. The presence of bears actually make for healthier, more complex, diverse ecosystems of floodplain forests, better for all species long-term, and there is scientific evidence on that. They eat MOSTLY insects and plants, they clean up dead carcasses that would otherwise spread disease, and they assist with the natural selection of other species. Perhaps there will be a season in the future, but there presence in these systems is actually quite valuable, though you may not notice it directly.


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